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27 Sep 2017

A-PDF Crop

About A-PDF Page Crop

A-PDF Page Crop is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you crop or removes the white margins (space) of PDF pages. It also can reorganize normal sized pdf’s (A4, B4, Letter etc.) to be readable on relatively small devices (Sony Reader PRS500/PRS505, iRex Iliad, Sony Librie, LBook eReader, Cybook Gen3, Jinke etc.). It provides visual crop marks editor (Crop Box Editor) to crop PDF pages more

Typical usage scenarios

A-PDF Page Crop is particularly useful to the lawyer who prints downloaded articles and people who receive PDF documents designed for letter size paper but needs to print the pages on A4 paper (or vice versa).

For example, a lawyer may get an article in which the PDF pages are only 5in. x 7in. If he/she prints the PDF file with a standard GNU/Linux PDF viewer on letter size paper (8.5in. x 11in), there will be 1.75in white margins on the left and right sides and 2in. white margins on the top and bottom. (In other words, the white margins will consume 63 percent of the square area on the page).


The complete set of Page Cropping features includes tools to:

  • Provide visual Cropping marks editor
  • Different pages can apply a different Cropping mark
  • Support drag & drop Cropping mark (Cropping Box)
  • Gives the ability to undo and redo Cropping Box placement operations;
  • Zooms PDF Page working area in and out
  • Define the cropped page order.

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